As head of the international program selection for the annual International Public Television Screening Festival for INPUT 2009 Warsaw and INPUT 2010 Budapest, I was responsible for choosing and training fifteen television professionals, the so-called “shop stewards,” all from different countries around the world, in the complexities of this international conference. Having been a “shop steward” myself for INPUT’s conferences in Taipei, Lugano, and Johannesburg, I could put my experience to work. The general principles I learned carry over to almost any international and intercultural team-building needs.

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An article I wrote in 2006 for the Current, the newspaper of U.S. public broadcasting, can be found by clicking here.


Experience as a Global Trainer

INPUT: the International Public Television Screening Conference.

I have been attending INPUT in cities around the world since the 1980s. In 2010, I was elected to a three- year term as a member of INPUT’s International Board.

The team of shop stewards for INPUT 2009 Warsaw. The picture above shows (clockwise from front left) team-members from Bulgaria, Germany, Finland, Spain, South Africa, the USA, France, Palestine, and South Korea. Additional shops came from Hungary, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, and Zimbabwe.

Training in Hilversum, Netherlands with the team for INPUT 2010 Budapest. Photos courtesy Jędrzej Dudkiewicz.