I am used to doing considerable consecutive interpretation from/to German and French as a normal part of my job over the course of my career. I have also done substantial written translation from German or French into English. I regularly do copy-editing for the English versions of exhibition catalogues and books published by Polish museums like the Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź.

In 2014, BEA Press published “Try to Make Your Life”: A Jewish Girl Hiding in Nazi Berlin, my English translation of Margot Friedlander’s memoir, “Versuche, dein Leben zu machen”: Als Jüdin versteckt in Berlin, written with Malin Schwerdtfeger (Rowohlt, 2008). This was the longest translation project I have undertaken to date.


I speak fluent French and German and fair to good Spanish and Portuguese. I am currently studying Polish. I have traveled widely in North and South America and Europe, and beyond those continents to Morocco, South Africa, Pakistan, Korea, and Taiwan. I enjoy travel and quickly feel at home in foreign settings.

After an intensive course at the Lado International Institute in Washington, DC in summer 2015, I received the Lado Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. This brings me back to my early work as a teacher of French to American students. Now I am working with immigrants and refugees who are trying to improve their English-language skills in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Languages, translation, interpretation

One of the things I do for the Goethe-Institut and my own pleasure is walking tours in English or German of German-American sites in Washington, D.C.

This grew out of the development of a bilingual website called “Everywhere You Look: German-American Sites in Washington, D.C.” Click here to visit: www.goethe.de/germanrootswashington.

Giving a walking tour of German-American sites in Washington, DC. ,  March 2011. Photo courtesy Bill Lebovich.