I began my professional career with seven years of programming films and discussions as Director of the Cornell University Cinema in the 1970’s. Cornell Cinema was (and remains) an important cultural institution within the university and I delighted in the chance to learn how to organize an ongoing program that would reach many audiences in the university and beyond.

My work at the Goethe-Institut Washington has not only meant production of audio, video, and internet projects, but also the creation and moderation of dozens and dozens of public programs dealing with the electronic media, cultural policy, or with Washington history. I have learned how to be a good and fair moderator dealing with all kinds of topics and people.

Thanks to the Adolf Cluss Project, dedicated to re-discovering the life and work of Washington’s premier architect after the American Civil War, I became fascinated with the history of German-Americans in Washington in that period. From time to time, I give specialized walking tours of downtown DC to school groups and people interested in the topic.

For a number of years I have been curator or co-curator of “Hear Now,” a series of listening events at the Goethe-Institut Washington. The series features European and American radio. “Hear Now” is an informal consortium of independent radio producers in Washington, DC. The audience for these programs consists of producers and members of the general public who love innovative radio and audio.


Creator and  moderator of public programs

with American colleagues in Heilbronn, Germany during the celebration of the German-American architect Adolf Cluss (1825-1905), who was Washington, DC’s premier architect in the post-civil war period.

The Adolf Cluss Year 2005-2006 was celebrated with dozens of public events in the two cities, many of which I helped to organize.

Photo courtesy Peter Wanner, Stadtarchiv Heilbronn.