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Gilcher’s Harmonia Band, Newburyport, Massachusetts, December 1873. Michael Gilcher, my great-great-grandfather is seated front left. Bandmaster, musician, composer, and entrepreneur. Communicator, innovator, and mayor of his village in southwestern Germany.

Images: leading walking tour in Washington March 2011 courtesy Bill Lebovich; teaching and leading a discussion about public broadcasting in Karachi, Pakistan, courtesy Kashif Paracha; training an international team for INPUT 2010 in Hilversum, Netherlands, image courtesy Jędrzej Dudkiewicz; image of me courtesy Wood Powell; Gilcher’s Band courtesy Klara Schmitt.


Consulting in all areas of international and intercultural communications

An innovative multi-lingual producer, educator, programmer, translator, trainer, and composer with 40 years of experience in North America, Europe, Latin America, and South Asia.

Areas of special interest and expertise:

Producer for international and intercultural video and audio projects

Writer and Editor

The European-American Dialogue

Global training experience

Languages, translation, interpretation

Project development and grant-writing

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Moderator and creator of public programs

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Communications in a global context