Biquefarre (1983). Initiator of the project with French director Georges Rouquier. Associate producer; project director for grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities. This film won the Jury’s Special Prize at the Venice International Film Festival in 1983. More at

“Beckett Directs Beckett: Samuel Beckett’s Endgame.” Coproduction of the University of Maryland Visual Press, the Smithsonian Institution Press, and the San Quentin Drama Workshop. This film premiered with special screenings at the French Embassy in Washington and at a Beckett Festival in The Hague.

Many programs produced for the Goethe-Institut for European and North American public media outlets. Topics included cultural policy, violence in schools, vocational education, environmental science education, and Holocaust education.

Concept and Producer of CD Spaces, Sounds, and Cluss / Räume, Klänge, Cluss: Audio Features of the 19th Century in Heilbronn and Washington, DC. Published 2005 by Stadtarchiv Heilbronn, Germany. This CD, with audio features by Alex van Oss (Washington) and Helmut Kopetzky (Berlin), presents spaces in two cities without the use of words. Funded by Germany’s ERP Program through a grant to the Friends of the Goethe-Institut Washington. More about the project at

Germans in America / Deutsche in Amerika. Four-part (4 x 60 min.) television series for ARTE. US adaptation produced by South Carolina ETV. Co-producer for the Goethe-Institut. More at:

For Tomorrow: The Story and Poetry of Hilda Stern Cohen, performance-based feature documentary about the German-born poet, teacher, and Holocaust survivor Hilda Stern Cohen. Shot on location in Germany, Poland, Austria, and the USA. This film, by Eve Rennebarth, Gail Rosen, and myself, premiered under the auspices of the Baltimore Jewish Film Festival in 2010.

To listen to a radio program about the project and an interview with Gail Rosen, Werner V. Cohen, and me from the series “The Poet and the Poem from the Library of Congress,” click here (or scroll down to Hilda Stern Cohen at

My work with Werner V. Cohen on the poet Hilda Stern Cohen was featured in Die Vermittler, a video produced in 2004 by the Goethe-Institut about its international cultural work.


Writer / Producer for international and intercultural video and audio projects

With Gail Rosen and Werner V. Cohen in  Grünberg, Germany. Photo courtesy Eve Rennebarth.