Current projects that make use of my production and writing skills as well as of my scholarly training include:

  1.     The Big Pond – A U.S.-German Listening Series: I am serving as Commissioning Editor for a 50-part radio/podcast series for the Goethe-Institut USA. This project is part of the “Deutschlandjahr” - Year of Germany, under the motto “Wunderbar together.” We commission American and German audio producers to make 30-minute podcasts and short radio features on topics of US-German interest. See to listen to the features released to date.

  1.     Cassim and Abdallah – a four-part podcast series about two performers of kalarippayattu (an ancient martial-arts form from southern India) and the tragedy that befell them in 19th-century Australia.

  1.     a multi-media project about the Polish-Jewish painter and poet Izrael Lejzerowicz, who was active as an artist and as a cultural force in the ghetto of Łódź, Poland until his murder at the hands of the Nazis in August 1944. More at This project grew out of my interest and work on Hilda Stern Cohen (Lejzerowicz saved her life several times). Thanks to a Fulbright Research Scholarship, I spent four months in Fall 2013 in Poland. I have been working on organizing an exhibition and writing a book about the artist and his work.


What’s perking now?

Above left: Gail Rosen with a self-portrait of Izrael Lejzerowicz, 1928, Muzeum Sztuki w Łódzi. Above top, Lejzerowicz in his studio, courtesy Łódź State Archives; “Bible Quilt” by Harriett Powers on display at the Cotton States Exposition (Atlanta), 1895. Courtesy Kyra Hicks.